Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mini Update!

Just one quick thing.
Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to try cooking the small side shoots of the asparagus ferns growing outside.  Well, I cooked them for about one minute in some butter until they were just tender and served them alongside some hazelnut and herb-crusted lamb chops. YUM!
Like the tiny leaves growing out of baby beets  and courgette flowers, these are some of the best things about growing herbs and veggies. You get to experiment with the things that never make it to the grocery store.


  1. Yes ! So true. Garlic tops are tasty too. Milder that the bulb but delicious as a side dish. I like them grilled or seared with lamb or even salmon.

  2. Yes!
    I have some out there that I will be able to snip at very shortly!
    I did the same with young onion tops last year, but we're not growing onions this year.

  3. It's such a lovely way to cook them!

  4. wow....they look good!!!

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