Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Best Oven Fries EVER (seriously)

I'm going to make this quick, because I have a lot to do today, as I'm making a veritable Indian FEAST for a girlie sleep over tonight and I'm really excited.

I just wanted to share this method for what are seriously the best oven-fried chips you can make. Don't be fooled into thinking that they're a low-cal option, because they're not. I just don't like all the palaver involved with deep frying, cleaning up and filtering oil afterward.

This method produces a fry/chip with a crunchy, glass-like outer crust with the fluffiest, almost creamy interior. They take a little planning ahead, but you could do the par-boil the day before if you want to be able to bake them quickly before serving.

Sea-Salted Oven Fries To Die For
To serve 4 hungry people, takes approx 2 1/2 hours, including cooling

1 kilo (2.2lbs) floury potatoes, such as Maris Piper or King Edward
120ml (1/2 cup) goose fat or grape seed oil
plenty of sea salt.

Peel the potatoes, reserving the peels and cut them into 1/2" chips.
Boil the potatoes and the peels* in very salted water for 10-12 minutes until you almost think that they're cooked all the way. The outsides should be floury and loose, but obviously you don't want to cook them until they fall apart.
Drain the chips and when they're cool enough to handle, put the chips on a wire rack to cool and dry for an hour or so. Discard the cooked peels.

Heat your oven to 200C (400F) with a large baking tray containing the fat. When the oil is stonking hot, carefully tip in the chips and toss them in the oil to coat completely. They must be in one layer, so if your pan isn't big enough, use two pans on different shelves.
Put the chips in the oven and set your timer for 20 minutes, then check to see if they need to be turned (carefully) before finishing them for a further 15-20 minutes, or until really golden and crunchy on the outside.

Serve straight away with your favourite burger and plenty of lovely sea salt, then bathe in the the adulation from astonished, greedy family members.

*This is a tip I learned from Heston Blumenthal's In Search of Perfection series. Cooking the peels along with the chips imparts a really potato-y flavour to the finished product that will knock your socks off.
I was skeptical too, but believe me, it totally works.


  1. A very different way to make oven fries. I must give them a try.

  2. if they taste half as good as they look then I'm sold! I love the cooking with the peel tip, too :) Can't wait to try them myself!

  3. Hey Emily, I'm going to make these today! I have a bunch of organic potatoes I need to do something with before they start to sprout and get weird.
    By the way, if you would, please check out my guest post at Lazaro Cooks!

  4. Emily,
    These look fabulous. I only wish I wasn't traveling so that I could give them a try tonight.

  5. Thanks peeps! Stella, let me know how you like them.

    I read your post on Lazaro (I commented) and I loved it. You're right about the world needing more vegan. At least the Western world surely does!

  6. Great oven chips recipe. I make oven sweet potato chips for my wife, she loves sweet potato. I saw the Heston Blumenthal series you referenced it was well done.

    I love what you have to say in your bio. We need more people to take stock in what is happening to this shared living enviornment we call Earth. Look forward to following you here.


  7. Hey Emily, I came back to see how you did this. I've just thrown some potatoes in cold water and am bringing them up to a boil...
    I'll let you know how they are. Thanks for checking out my guest post. I really appreciate that.

  8. Yummerz. I made these, and this is how I'm going to make oven potatoes from now on (at least on nights where I have time to cook). Only on busy nights will I just throw them in the oven...
    Thanks Emily

  9. Welcome Lazaro, So glad to have you here!

    Stella, I'm so glad they turned out well. I read an article by Kenji Lopez-Alt today that mentioned using vinegar in the par-boiling water to keep the potatoes intact while cooking the outside. I'll give that a try next time and let you know how that works.

  10. What a terrific method for oven fries! I will definitely be trying this!

  11. Love the easy method for fries. Thanks for sharing.

  12. New way to make oven fries! Love it.

  13. Those oven fries look really good!

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