Friday, 2 April 2010

To Love, Honour and Eat

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when you're deciding to get married.
Where will we live? Does he/she share my political views? Do we agree on how many (if any) children we want? Cats or dogs? Eastenders or Corrie?

But what about food compatibility?

I live for food. I love to cook, to taste new flavours, shop for ingredients, read and write about cooking and creating recipes. I use the Notes feature on my phone to jot down ideas when a recipe idea comes to me late at night after lights out.

Drew, on the other hand could not give a cuss about food. He eats to sustain himself, doesn't cook and has never had a meal that has changed his life. He does get excited about pigging out on Taco Bell and Lucky Charms when we go back to the States for a visit but throughout the week he simply eats what is put in front of him. Arrrrggghhh!

What's funny, is that when we got together, it was my stepson Christian who was the picky eater. After years of tears, disguising foods, having Christian help me in the kitchen and the veggie garden, I could now count on one hand the number of things he doesn't like to eat.

The list of foods that Drew doesn't like is VAST.

Off the top of my head, these are some of them:
Indian food,
Moroccan food,
Chinese food,
scrambled egg dishes,
broad beans,
runner beans,
Mexican restaurants,
dried fruit in anything,
sun dried tomatoes,
blue cheese,
raw onion,
pork pies,
wine, especially in food
baked potatoes.....

The foods he really likes are:

Panda Express orange chicken,
Taco Bell anything,
Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries,
Krispy Kream chocolate cake doughnuts,
salad (one of the few things Christian hates)
Reeses peanut butter cups,
pork chops, (another thing Christian doesn't like)
Tesco's Finest custard,
Red Bull,
Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips with Tesco-brand hummus. (yes. together.)

Luckily for me, even though there's a lot he doesn't like, and what he does like I don't/can't make, he will eat nearly anything I put in front of him.

I just had an idea! You know how there's J-Date and Christian Connection websites hooking up people with similar religious beliefs?

I need to start a dating website based on several elements of foodie compatibility!

What about F-Date? Ok, the name might need a little work, as it will probably attract more than a few rampant shaggers or people trying to re-create 'that refrigerator scene' from 9 1/2 weeks....

Maybe Or would that attract the feeder/gainer community?

Profile questions would include:

Like do you eat meat? Do you care how it's raised?
Can you handle spice or are you a wuss?
Do you pick the tomatoes out of your salad?
Are you too fancy for funnel cakes at the fair?
Do you know how to use a knife and fork properly, or do you cut everything with the side of your fork?
Cake from scratch or from a box?
Do you think it's worth spending good money on quality ingredients?
Are you going to turn your nose up at me when I come home with a huge bag of Carl's Jr?
Red clam chowder or white?
Will you pour ketchup all over dinner when I've made you steak bearnaise and pommes dauphinoise??

Politics-Schmolitics! Food compatibility is a far more important area for compatibility!

Thank the baby Jesus, I've learned not to take his indifference to my cooking personally, especially as Christian makes so many yummy noises and loves food so much. I even read a letter that Jools Oliver (Jamie's wife) wrote, saying feels similarly dispassionate about food and their marriage seems to be doing just fine.

Speaking of Mr. Oliver, We've been watching Jamie's Food Revolution which is airing on Friday nights on ABC over in the States. All I can say is Wow. And good luck Jamie!


  1. I think the food compatibility site could make you rich, Emily. Could that be a blog of sorts? might be on to something. By the way, Cauldron Boy used to have a list of foods he wouldn't eat about that long!

  2. Hmm...Tough! I had a discussion lately with a friend and he said he could never get along and commit to a woman who eats frozen dinner from "Picard" (in France, it's a specialized store where they only sell frozen products but quite fancy and of good quality)!!!

  3. We have something similar here called Cook!
    I've never eaten their food, but it seems daft to disqualify a person because of something so daft. Perhaps he could teach her how to cook? It could be a bonding experience :-)

  4. I could never love someone who hated pork pies, miso or anchovies. Wine is pushing it. He would have to be really something else to hook me.