Friday, 19 March 2010

Fancy Schmancy BLT Wraps

This post is really just an excuse to share some exciting news. This will be our third summer in this house and the third year that we will be 'growing our own' veggies and herbs. Last year I had a horrible time, courtesy of a local turf company, who delivered three tons what was supposed to be organic compost but was actually still steaming hot manure. Being still fairly new to the game, I spread this lot around and filled our newly built raised beds, only to have every seedling that germinated die within days. The weird result, has been that many of the seeds that didn't thrive last spring or summer have done so over the winter, which means that we have a bed full of golf ball size beetroot, some turnips, swede, carrots and parsnips now ready for harvest.

Last year, I planted rhubarb crowns, artichokes (half of which were 'weeded' out by my stepson. apparently, growing evenly spaced in a row with a label was not a clear indicator?) and asparagus.
All of the above veggies come with strict instructions NOT to harvest so much as a leaf tip during their first season. I am still hearing mutterings from Drew along he lines of "more trouble than they're worth... grumble grumble..." and "what's the fucking point then? grumble grumble..."

And so we watched as the rhubarb grew beautiful, thick red stems and the asparagus reached ever higher and eventually grew bushy ferns which withered and died back in the autumn. I thought 'Next spring, my pretties!"
And look what I found this morning when I took out my composting scraps:


The first spear of the year! The little white blob in the background is also a spear poking its way out. How excited am I? I sent this picture to my Facebook site while I was still standing in the dirt, that's how.

So we've ordered all our spring planting bits from Marshall's and they will be arriving soon. We should have already been working, but if you have been reading recent posts, you'll know that we've been as broke as a joke lately and could not afford so much as one seed potato.

So all this drizzly, muddy excitement made me hungry. I decided to make us some simple wraps and they turned out even tastier than I expected. They took maaayyybe five minutes to make and far less time than that for Drew to inhale.

Smoky Brunch Wraps
Serves 2, takes 5-7 minutes

4 rashers smoked back bacon or 6 slices American bacon, with much of the fat removed.
4 eggs, beaten
2 large handfuls, rocket (arugula)
1 ripe tomato, halved and thinly sliced
pinch salt
1 tsp hot smoked paprika or chipotle chilli
2 large flour tortillas
2 tsp veg oil

Pop the tortillas into a warm, damp (clean) tea towel and slip into a warm oven while you prepare the filling.

Slice the bacon into large pieces and heat the oil over a medium heat with the smoked paprika. Once the oil is hot, toss in the pieces of bacon and fry for a minute or two until nearly cooked and your kitchen is filled with the smell that is bacony loveliness.
Pour the eggs over the bacon, tilting to spread around as evenly as possible. Let the egg cook without moving for a minute, to allow a bit of a crispy frill to develop. When nearly cooked, turn off the heat and and use a spatula to fold in any remaining soft egg, set aside while you prepare your wrap.
Lay your tortillas on a couple of plates, put a large handful of the rocket in each one, and then scoop the bacon and egg mixture on top. Top with the sliced tomatoes and fold up the bottom and sides. Serve to greedy husband.

Breakfast Wraps

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  1. I'm not sure what's better- your recipe for a breakfast wrap or your cute posting on your asparagus?! Yay spring!